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Road Transport Services in South Africa  

At Optima International Solutions, we specialise in a Full Freight Management Function. If you are looking for expert road-freight solutions in South Africa, our services for delivery are unparalleled. Our in-house skilled operators will account for your shipments, monitoring them, at all times, anywhere in Africa.  

Road Freight Solutions at Optima International Solutions

OIS is a one-stop solution for road freight services, offering these valuable services at affordable prices. Here’s a glimpse of what we have on offer:

  •  At OIS, we offer road freight services that are competitively priced in the Southern African market place.
  • Our road freight solutions, which are designed for high-end commercial and cross-trade business purposes, boast strong carrier relationships.
  •  Whether you are looking for local or international road freight solutions, all our services are customised to meet the respective needs of the customers.
  • For international road freight solutions, our highly experienced team will guide you specific country requirements throughout Africa.
  • Our motto is to deliver value-added, personal services at minimal charges.
  •  All our services, which are tailored to cater to the unique needs of the local market place, as well as importers and exporters, strive to offer a holistic solution.
  • At OIS, we guarantee total quality control. All shipments are monitored by experts who strive to provide the environment necessary for maintaining the quality of the goods.
  • We understand that business in Africa is strengthened through relationships and we are proud to be a recognised reliable service provider throughout Africa.

Optima International Solutions ranks among the leading freight solutions in Cape Town and South Africa today.  If you wish to know more about us, just email us at

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