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Sea Freight Services at Optima International Solutions

Optima International Solutions is at the ready to help you regarding Sea Freight logistics. Based in the southern-most country of Africa, South Africa, we have a strong presence on the continent regarding shipping and logistics. Not only do we arrange the booking to ship the cargo, we also take care of your paperwork, legalese and forwarding and customs clearing. We offer sea freight services from all the across the global. Our network partnerships allow us to offer extremely competitive volume based rates.

Our motto is to minimise costs while maximising opportunity. Therefore, we utilise the latest technologies to speed up the time taken to receive the permits for transported goods via sea freight. This process is where we differ from the traditional clearing and forwarding agents.

Why choose us for sea freight management services?

·         Maintaining a healthy relationship with the reputable carriers means that there is little to no difficulty in securing a carrier for transportation of the cargo.

·         We, at Optima International, offer port-to-port, door-to-port and door-to-door services.

·         We have specialists who take care of all the export and import paperwork and freight bookings. We assure to provide the environment required to maintain the quality of the goods.

·         Our legal and insurance partner will give you expert advice on tariff headings, ITAC requirements, import and export permits.

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